Aerospace and
Aviation Day
Pathways to Aviation Careers

January 28, 9am - 2pm

About Aerospace and Aviation Day

Aerospace and
Aviation Day 2023

From piloting to avionics, careers in aviation are plentiful and well paying. This event is designed to inspire Seminole County students to follow their dreams in science, engineering, and aviation. Working professionals from the Orlando Sanford International Airport, its tenants and airline partners will be there to interact with students one-on-one.

* Event is for Seminole County students ONLY.
** Students under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. No drop-offs please.


Orlando Sanford
International Airport

Million Air Hangar
2841 Flight Line Ave
Sanford, FL 32773


January 28, 2023
9am - 2pm

2020 Schedule

(2023 TBD)

Samara Cokinos - Master of Ceremonies

Samarina Cokinos - Master of Ceremonies
Emmy Award Winning News 6 Meteorologist

Gates Open

Draw for EAA Young Eagles plane rides *

Draw for EAA Young Eagles plane rides *

Taryn Fleet

Speaker: Taryn Fleet

Allegiant Air Airbus Pilot

Door Prize Draw

Aerobatics Display — Keith Lickteig

Draw for EAA Young Eagles plane rides *

Christine Mau

Speaker: Christine Mau

F-35 Contract Instructor Pilot for Lockheed Martin

Chick-fil-A Cow Drop

Children 8 and under only

Draw for EAA Young Eagles plane rides *

Door Prize Draw

Speaker: Victoria Dass

Door Prize Draw

Draw for EAA Young Eagles plane rides *

Chick-fil-A Cow Drop

Children 8 and under only

Door Prize Draw

Event Close

* Free Plane Rides:
EAA Young Eagles flights
(for children aged 8 – 17yrs - must have a parent present)


more speakers TBD

Hans Nordsiek
Hans Nordsiek
Hans Nordsiek

Hans Nordsiek grew up in the world of flying. As a five year old his father took him to an aviation museum near Amsterdam in his home country the Netherlands. He saw a British pursuit plane, a Spitfire from the 1940's and was hooked immediately. He knew for sure; my life will get 'wings'.

Some years later he decided to head for a career as an inventor, without knowing at his young age what he would invent. Starting with building miniature plastic planes from kits, he went on to build and fly remote control ones, took up flying lessons at a local gliding club, became a flight instructor, licenced sailplane mechanic and managed a glider repair shop for sixteen years.

After he graduated from his University studies, Aviation Technology, he worked in the aviation industry in Germany (building composite sailplanes) and in the Netherlands as a structures engineer.

While taking powered flight lessons in his spare time, he saw the opportunity for a career change; becoming an airline pilot. So he did and went to the USA to accellerate that dream via working as a US certified flight instructor in Clarksville, TN and Hemet, CA.

Upon returning to Europe in 1987, he found a job for a commuter airline flying turboprop planes and was hired later on by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines flying the Fokker F27, the Boeing 747-300, 737-300/900 , 777-200/300 and retiring on the Boeing 787 as a captain / instructor / check pilot in 2017.

For more than 30 years he is operating a vintage Boeing N2S-3 Stearman 'Old Crow'. While performing with vintage planes on airshows, he discovered a niche in that industry. A niche that is all about coveying the story of passion, dedication and excitement of the aviator to the young generation. He developed a unique theatre concept as 'The Storyteller' around the Old Crow with which he visited many events throughout Europe. This would finally grow into a multi actor show with a professional musician under the name 'Flying Circus.NL'.

In 2021 the Old Crow was transported back to the USA 'to bring a veteran back'. Hans is holding his shows around his biplane.

Hans flew 82 different planes, from the smallest twin (a Cri-Cri) to the biggest twin in the world (a Boeing 777-300) and from gliders via P51D Mustang's to PBY-5 Catalina's.

He made one big inventions in his life; How to make dreams come true. He works globally with various reach outs in order to inspire a new generation to become who they are and to teach them how to chase their dreams plus make them real.

Hans is a trained Storyteller, actor, inspirational speaker, Hero's Jouney Guide


Location & Parking

Million Air Hangar

2841 Flight Line Ave, Sanford, FL 32773

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